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Collage Contemporary Dance

Collage is a mix of emerging and established artists presenting athletic, and passionate work ranging from tap to contemporary dance, solos to large ensemble work. Companies include: CA Rhythm Project,  Betzi Roe,  H2O Dance Company, Faith Jensen-Ismay. 

H2O Dance Company is thrilled to present work for Mojalet's Summer Series Collage Concert with an eclectic selection of pieces from their repertoire. Founded in 2015 in Oakland, CA by Rebekah Brown as an outlet to centralize her creative endeavors, the contemporary modern dance company has performed the last 5 years in and around Southern California. H2O’s mission is to create inspiring, accessible dance work while providing a space where artists can be supported, ask questions, and create community.


Tadow, first presented in March for H2O's full length show 'Tempus Incrementum,' invites viewers to step into a sultry jazz club and enjoy the ambient vibe the dancers create. Drifting Melodies is the first piece H2O performed, and has been a crowd favorite ever since. It embodies the name and movement quality of the company with gentle, lulling movement in addition to partner work and dynamic moments. Promenade, set to a short, quirky piece of music by George Gershwin, feels like a walk in the park and is sure to make you smile! Company members performing in this show are Sara Blodgett, Sammy Gerraty, Cathlin Houle, Brianna Pilkinton, Luci Salinas, and Rachel Torres.

Betzi Roe presents two contemplative works: a solo in a dress of 100 yards of fabric as a metaphor for Covid isolation; and a group piece for 8 dancers who respond to meditation images by artist Wren Polansky. The dancers, engaged in contemplative movement, attend to the kinesthetic qualities of the images and bring a new appreciation to the idea that time moving slowly, is not empty.

Walking in Sand - choreography by Betzi Roe

Solo:  Betzi Roe - Music Ave Maria by Jocelyn Pook, video Zack Klein, costume construction Betzi Roe

Ensemble:  Sara Blodgett, David Hanlon, Summer Jones, Michelle Theisman, Gerardo Sahagun, 

Kathryn Scheidegger, Jackie Weiss,  Music: Charles Spearin from the album Thank God the Plague is Over

Visual Art by Wren Polansky

Faith Jensen-Ismay will share thee works created through the summer intensive program to include the Optimist, Pursuit and Splash. 

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