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MOJALET DANCE COLLECTIVE –Performance and Lecture Demonstrations
We offer three different and unique programs that educate, entertain, and expose children to the art of dance.  All programs are designed to offer audience participation.  All three  programs are available and vary for the different ages and grade levels. Special repertory programs are available for high school and middle school.

Athletic Motion explores relationships between sports and dance, finding parallels and using athletic movement and gesture as sources of artistic expression. The high energy dances feature movements inspired by a range of sports and martial arts. Using imagery and actual athletic drills,  the program enlightens the audience that many common daily movements and sports ideas are very basic to dance.  The use of quality, timing and spatial directions can turn basic movements into dance.

Dancing Through The Pages uses literature as inspiration for dance. Stories, poems, picture books and novels inspire creative movement.  The program guides the learners and motivates them to use their reading material as a source for movement invention. Book series and authors like Chicken Soup, Shel Silverstain,  Al Perkins and Dr. Seuss inspired this program.

A Taste of Italian explores opera music through playful dances, witty movement and colorful costumes. This program features the music of Mozart and a variety of work performed by famous tenors including Mario Lanza and Luciano Pavarotti; Opera music is know to have originated in Italy. We share fun trivia about how Italy has influenced our culture through music, dance, fine dining, and more. 

Grades: K-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Vine Arts Village  @ Oaks North Plaza  12540 Oaks North Dr.   San Diego, Ca. 92128     858-243-1402         

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