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Microtonal Music Festival, 2020 New Hazlett Theater, Univ. of Pittsburg Faith Jensen-Ismay joins Stacey Fraser and Brightwork newmusic

Feb. 28, 2020


Cal State Fullerton 2020 Faith Jensen-Ismay and Stacey Fraser join Brightwork newmusic

Feb. 26, 2020

Vine Celebration 2020 The Vine - Looking Forward​

Jan 18 & 19, 2020

A Taste of Home 2020 The Vine - Elfi Schafer-Schafroth

Jan 11 & 12, 2020

Art With Heart

Dec 14 2019

The Vine theater.

Free performance to celebrate the Joy of the Christmas season.

Wintr Wonderland 2019...

Dec 7 & 8 2019

The vine Theater - Delightful JOY!


Nov 9 & 10 Nov 16 & 17

Mojalet Dance Collective - Vine theater performance.


Oct 20 2019 7:30pm

Brightwork newmusic, Stacy Fraser & Faith Jensen-Ismay.

Live music, Opera and Dance

Slumber Zone Vine Theater

Oct 12, 13 2019

Dreams, daydreams and fantasies all come together in this wacky, wonderful performance.

Progressive Steps Fallbrook High School

Oct 11 2019 7pm

Collaboration with Falllbrook High School

Summer Series- Finding Groumd

Sept 14 & 15 2019

Mojalet Dance Collective  
Finding Ground reflects personal journeys shared with others as each individual seeks to find purpose and significance. Some journeys are soul searching, while others are purely seeking adventure. Full company performance by Mojalet.

Summer Series- PGK Dance Project

Sept 8 & 9 2019

DANCE SPIRIT MAGAZINE Calls The PGK DANCE Project “San Diego’s PREMIERE Contemporary Company”.  Alongside members of PGK DANCE TOO they will present a dynamic, thrilling, thoroughly entertaining program PGK DANCE is known for regionally, nationally and internationally since 2002.


Ferocious and fierce PGK DANCE will perform works by a wide variety of choreographers of diverse styles and aesthetics. "PGK” has something for everyone in their shows from sassy flirty contemporary jazz, to the most sleek, rigorous contemporary/modern to the subtle, supple movements of contemporary ballet to percussive audience participation that is equally fun for those just like to watch.


Don’t miss PGK DANCE founded by award winning, critically acclaimed dancer, choreographer and director Peter G. Kalivas.

Summer Series - Jerry Hager "Red” - The Man, The Mischief, and the Clown

Aug 31, Sept 1 2019



Master storyteller and movement artist, Jerry Hager presents an inside look to one of American’s Great Iconic Clowns, Red Skelton. Recreating some of Red’s most memorial routines and characters, such as Freddie The Freeloader, Gertrude and Heathcliff and many of his classic pantomime stories, while giving insight to the man behind the mask of the clown. Profiling his life on stage and behind the scenes. From his relationships to personal tragedies to his hilarious escapades while climbing his way into the heart of America’s audiences.

For those who remember Red this will be nostalgic flashback to the man with the funny face.

To those who are unaware of him, this will open a new chapter to one of the greatest physical comics of the 20th century.    

Summer Series - New West Ballet

Sept 21,22 2019

New West Ballet Inc. provides arts enrichment and education for the North San Diego County community through engaging performances and community outreach that preserve and advance genuine classical ballet.

Summer Series Collage Dance

Aug 17 & 18 2019

Eight emerging young artists share the program with work that varies from Jazz to Modern and Classical fusion. Come experience the raw, and often provocative energy of young artist exploring topics of relationships, environment, and navigating through life.

Summer Series Jessica Reed-de Cancel

Aug 10 & 11 2019

Miles Beneath Our Feet An evening of Dynamic Women
Jessica Reed de Cancel, Liv Isaacs-Nollet, Cara Schuh, Nichol Roerick, and Erica Buchner join forces in an inspiring evening of contemporary dance under the direction of Jessica Reed de Cancel.

Summer Series Visionary Dance Theater

Aug 3 & 4 2019

Kidz Danz Kompany, San Diegos premiere childrens dance company, is a modern dance-based company that also explores all dance genres, with a strong theatre background. This distinguished, critically acclaimed children's dance company was founded in 1994 by Spencer John Powell in Utah and now is hosted by Visionary Dance Theatre. KDK reminds us that a child's world doesn't have to be sanitized and schmaltzy. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for and able to process more than we think. - San Diego Theatre Reviews

Summer Series Continuum Dance Project

July 27-28 2019

Continuum Dance Project made its debut in 2018 at the Front & Main Dance Festival in Temecula. Since then the company has been showcased at RAW artist San Diego, San Diego Dance Theatres Young Choreographers Showcase, and Palm Springs Dance Festival. Continuum had the opportunity to perform in, Collage at The Vine Theatre last summer. CDPs choreographer, Alyssa Junious, is excited to return to present a full length show of her work. Alyssas choreographic style is a blend of jazz, contemporary, hip hop and even tap. The evening will feature collaborative works created with visual artists, musicians, and spoken word artists. Come and experience Continuum Dance Project, a new budding company in the North County San Diego area.

Canyon Crest Academy Dance Conservatory

July 20-21 2019

Canyon Crest Academy Dance Conservatory 
Rayna & CCA return to The Vine for their 9th year to present exciting new works from current CCA Conservatory dancers, Rayna, & alums from around the US.


July 13 & 14 2019

Summer Series @ The Vine Theater

CA Rhythm Project - Tap Roots

July 6 & 7 2019

Summer Series @ The Vine Theater

Enchanted and Engdangered

Mojalet Dance Collective

June 8 & 9 2019

Eclectic Expression

The Land of Magic

June 1st & 2nd 2019

Core Group

Forces in Motion May 18-19 2019

Outcomes - Mojalet Dance Collective

April 26, 27 & 28 Vine Theater

Premiering AFTERMATH, The Road to Recovery inspired by a collective community that gathers to support, mourn, reminisce and recover following a catastrophic event. Also, INEVITABLE ACCLIMATION  a new work inspired by the ever-changing technology that impacts our daily lives. Change is constant, and acclimation is inevitable.  

Progressive Steps

March 29 2019 Mission Hills High School

Cafe Mojalet 2019

Silent Auction and Dance

March 23 2019 Poway Community Center

Mixed Sundry

​Mojalet Dance Collective and Blythe Barton Dance  @ The Lyceum Space Theater  

Nov. 30, Dec. 1, Dec. 2, 2018

Sept. 1st & 2nd - California Rhythm Project

​California Rhythm Project recreates pieces by tap dance legends from the golden age of film. See some of your favorite numbers translated from screen to stage in Hollywood & Vine, a performance full of charm and nostalgia.

Aug. 18th & 19th Collage Dance

Emerging young artists share the program with work that varies from Jazz to Modern and Classical fusion. Come experience the raw and often provocative energy of young artists exploring topics of relationships, environment, and navigating through life.

Aug. 11th & 12th Contemporary Dance

Desirw Cuzion, Blythe Barton, Jessica Reed-de Cancel, Lara Segura, & Faith Jensen-Ismay will present an evening of diverse contemporary dance that includes artist from around San Diego County. These strong female artists are known for athletic, passionate work with diverse styles & techniques.

Aug. 4th & 5th Visionary Dance Theatre

”Visionary at the Vine with Vivaldi” Artistic Director, Spencer John Powell and Assistant Artistic Director, Trixi Agiao collaborate to prepare a new work, “With Vivaldi.” Also, Jenne Travers professor of Dance from the University of Southern Florida joins the program from Tampa Florida

July 28th & 29th LITVAKdance

​LITVAKdancers Choreograph is an evening of dances choreographed by and for the core group of LITVAKdance along with guest performers.  Expect 7 very different works by 8 diverse dance artists. ​

Canyon CrestAcademy Dance Conservatory - 2018 Summer Sereis

July 21-22,2018

CA is a public high school, but these dancers will captivate you with their artistry, technicality, athleticism and maturity.  Our summer show at The Vine highlights the work of recent graduates along with past alum, and Rayna loves to throw in a new piece or two.  

Soulscape & Core Group - Summer Series 2018

Soulscape fills the theater with spiritual messages of creation, love, and connectivity. Core Group, a branch of Mojalet presents highly athletic, dramatic, and visually stimulating work with powerful ensembles.

July 14th & 15th 

SD 2018 Fringe Festival - Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

June 23 1:00pm June 23 4:00pm Link to Fringe Festival Ticket PageLyceum Theater 79 Horton Plaza SD 92101 ​     June 24 6:00pm    June 30 10:30pm

Choreography by Patricia Sandback, performed by Mojalet Dance Collective

Beneath The Surface

June 9th,  4:30  & 7pm   June 10th,  2pm & 4:30pm Eclectic Expression a performance of new work by young artists exploring things that lie beneath the surface, both physically and emotionally.

Cafe Mojalet 2018, Once Upon a Knight

March 24, 2018 5:30pm-9pm Dinner, Dance Performance, and Silent Auction

Progressive Steps

March 23rd 2018 @ 7pm @ Redwood Hall Theater, Mission Hills High School

A Time to Dance

Sunday Feb 25th 3pm

Roth and Magnificat, Bach

California Center for the Arts, Escondido

Concert Hall

Mixed Sundry

Feb 3rd Vine Theater Feb 11 Geoffrey Theater/Raw Space

Mojalet at The Merc

Jan 16, 2016 7pm Mojalet performs in a shared program at The Merc, a small intimate space in the round. Tickets $5.00 42051 Main St, Temecula, CA 92590 Phone: (866) 653-8696

Art with Heart

Free Performance Dec 17 2017

Celebrating the Christmas Season

Vine Theater 4:30PM

Winter Wonderland

Dec 2-3 2017

Student Showcase @ The Vine Theater


Sunday, November 12, 4-5:30pm & 6:30-8pm Classical Indian Dance and Music. 

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VIP EVENT - Slumber Zone

Oct 28th -Vip Reception 7pm, Performance 8pm Dress in your favorite costume for an unpredictable evening of fun and fanticy. ​Join Mojalet for a wacky performance as we journey into the minds of the performers and recreate their dreams, daydreams and fantasies.

Mojalet Dance Collective

Sept. 16-17 2017 ​@ The Vine Theater Mojalet Dance Collective presents athletic and intimate work with  Betzi Roe’s acclaimed “Tower of Mothers”, a premier by Pat Sandback, Andy Holmes’ athletic choreography, “Liquid Gold” (full company ensemble) and “Restored”, (a new solo) by Faith Jensen-Ismay.

Shall We Dream a Childhood

Sept. 9-10 2017 In the twilight of adulthood, dream again. A devised theater piece by mime and movement artist, Jerry Hager, and his daughter, award winning solo show writer / performer Valerie Hager on the nature of memory and imagination.”

Collage Contemporary Dance

Sept 2-3 2017 Collage is a mix of emerging artists presenting athletic, and passionate work ranging from solos to large ensemble work. Choreographers include Anthony Reyes, Rachel Carpenter, Jasmyn Hamblin, Roberta Ruocco, Ryan Harris & more.

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PGK Too!

Aug 26-27 2017 Director Peter Kalivas, along with contributing work from several of the PGK TOO company members share a program of technical and athletic choreography.

Bleu Line

Aug. 19-20 2017 Director, Britney Castro Performed by Bleu Metta Collaboration Project. All aboard the 'Bleu Line' for a guided journey through the whimsical landscape of parallel realities and actualities. Discover a panorama of alternative possibilities alongside comedic, creative explorers.

Bee Conscious by Lara Segura

Aug. 12-13 2017 A joyful, lighthearted look at the fuzzy, buzzing world of pollinators through the eyes of a bee charmer. Discover the fascinating symbolic meaning of bees, the intelligent design of their world, and how they communicate through movement. Learn how these creatures play an important role in our ecosystem & simple ways to help them thrive.


Aug. 5-6 2017 Sadie Weinberg, Dave Massey, Teresa Jankovic "inter/change" is an afternoon/evening of works by three distinctly different dance makers who are challenging themselves to weave their work together; searching for bridges, points of connection and common themes while still maintaining the integrity of each individual dance.

Canyon Crest Academy

July 29-30 2017 Rayna Stohl & dancers from Canyon Crest Dance Academy share a collection of recent work & premiers by alumni & Stohl set specifically for the intimate space at The Vine. Each year brings its own magic, and we can't wait to see what unfolds this summer.

Fragile by Kim Gregg/PARADE

July 22-23 2017 Fragile examines the delicacy of our environment and the human condition, contrasting the tranquility of Zen presence with the struggle to survive. As inspirations from Eastern philosophy, Ecology and Butoh intertwine, dances explore Reverence, Tsunamis, Erosion, and Oil Spills. Artistic Direction by Kim Gregg, collaboratively created by Practice As Research And Dance Experiments, with live crystal singing bowls by Mary-Joy Neuru.

Sculptures in Motion

July 15-16 2017 Core Group of Mojalet performs sculptural design work by Faith Jensen-Ismay created by the human body through a series of solos, duets, and ensembles.


Visionary Dance Theater

July 8-9 2017

Artistic Director Spencer John Powell premieres “Majestic Beauty of Hate” a powerful work about today’s political climate. Trixi Agiao will premier “Feeding”, an introspection on how we readily consume information in today’s world and how it affects our perception of reality. Also choreography by Jeanne Travers, an internationally-acclaimed artist and professor at University S. Florida.

June 3rd & 4th 2017

June 3rd 7pm, June 4th 2pm & 4:30pm Eclectic Expression a performance of new work by young artists exploring the theme of line and design.

​Eclectic Expression a performance of new work by young artists exploring the theme of line and design.

Cafe Mojalet - March 18th 2017

Silver to Gold

Progressive Steps 2017

Friday, March 17 7pm Mission Hills High School

Mercy - Silver Anniversary Concert

25 Years of Mojalet Dance

California Cemter for Performing Arts Escondido

340 North Escondido Boulevard
Escondido, CA 92025

Perspectives - Core Group Dance Company

Jan. 21st @ 7pm & Jan 22 @2pm

Vine Theater


Coronado Performing Arts Center

Dec 9,10,11 2016

Winter Wonderland

Dec 2 & 3 2016

Student Showcase at the Vine Theater

Enchanted & Endangered

Lyceum Theater Oct 14,15,16 2016

Meet an Enchanted group of animals and fairies and watch them interact with some campers to teach an important lesson.

Mojalet Dance Collective  - Finding Ground

Sept. 17th 7pm, Sept. 18th  2pm & 4:30pm

Mojalet Dance Collective   Finding Ground is a personal journey shared with others as each individual seeks to find purpose and significance. Some journeys are soul searching, while other s are purely seeking adventure. Full company performance by Mojalet Dancers.

Poppy - Jerry Hager

Sept. 10th 7pm  Sept. 11th 2pm & 4:30pm

"Poppy" a tale for the whole family from the imagination of master storyteller Jerry Hager. “Poppy” is a heartwarming story about a troubled street urchin who is befriended by a mute street cleaner. Hager is joined by a small cast: daughter Valerie, an award winning solo artist from New York, and his grandson as three generations come together to tell one story.

New West Ballet

Aug. 27th 7pm & Aug. 28th 2pm & 4:30pm 

Classical/Contemporary is a dance journey showing a spectrum of ballet with a fusion of contemporary dance styles.

Core Group Dance Company

Aug. 20th 7pm,   Aug. 21st 2pm & 4:30 pm

A branch of Mojalet presenting highly athletic, dramatic, and visually stimulating work including, “Love American Style” and “Forces”, by Jensen-Ismay.

Dark Horse Dance Productions

Aug. 13th 7pm, Aug. 14th 2pm & 4:30pm

Dark Horse Dance Productions
believe that  dance has the ability to open minds in ways words cannot. The experience and the power of movement has the potential to change the way people see each other and the world around them.

PGK Dance TOO Director Kymmi Kellems present “Endless Summer”

Aug. 6th 7pm, Aug. 7th 2pm & 4:30pm

This show is filled with exhilarating works and collaborations created and developed by the directors as well as the company members themselves. This light hearted show will leave everyone with a smile as we close with "Stay"! 

July 30th 7pm, July 31th  2pm & 4:30pm Erica Buechner

July 30th 7pm, July 31th  2pm & 4:30pm Erica Buechner
The Dying Swan: Revisited/Re-envisioned, an evening-length dance work by Erica Buechner. Inspired by the original  choreography by Mikhail Fokine created on Anna Pavlova in 1905.

Rayna Stohl -Canyon Crest Academy

July 23, 24 2016

Rayna Stohl and dancers are thrilled to be back for their fifth consecutive year at The Vine.  Rayna, current CCA students, recent graduates, alumni from various years, and professional guest artists unite to bring unique pieces to the intimate stage.

Migration - Betzi Roe

July 16th 7pm,  July 17th 2pm & 4:30pm

Betzi Roe & graduates from Coronado School of the Arts, who are now adult dancers residing in San Diego will create a series of dances inspired by the idea migration: movement from one place to another & back.

Ossie Arciniega

Music on the Vines - Latin American Guitar

June 11, 12 2016

Road Trip - Eclectic Expression

May 21, 22 2016

Progressive Steps - Mission Hills

March 18 2016

Cafe Mojalet "An Enchanted Evening"

Silent Auction, Dinner, Dance Show

March 13 2016

SomeBody Somewhere

Mojalet Dance Collective

Feb. 20 @ 7pm - The Vine Theater

Feb. 21 @ 2pm - The Vine Theater

Feb. 26 & 27 @ 8pm - The Raw Space 
Feb. 28 @ 2pm 27 - The Raw Space 

The Mojalet Dance Company will perform Somebody Somewhere and Chisholm Trail.

7 Deadly Sins Opera - Kurt Weill

Stacy Frasier & Faith Jensen-Ismay

Cal State San Bernardino Feb 5th 2016

Vine Theater Feb 13 2016

Love American Style

Vine Theater

Jan 23 & 24 2016

Your Voice

Chamaine Ackerman

Dec 20th 2015

Winter Wonderland 2015

Dec 5 & 6 2015

Mini Movers,  Ecclectic Expression and Jamolet.

Finding Ground

Nov 7,8.14,15 2015

CA Rhythm Project "Beats Without Borders"

Sept 12-13 2015

Summer Series

Click image to download PDF Flyer

Collage Dance Works

Sept 5-6 2015

Summer Series
Click image to download PDF Flyer

Contemoprary Dance

Aug 29-30 2015

Summer Series

Click image to download PDF Flyer

Wallpaper dance Co.

Aug 22-23 2015

Summer Series

Click image to download PDF Flyer

Jerry Hager - "The Boy & Me"

Aug 15-16 2015

Summer Series

Click image to download PDF Flyer

Bollywood Tranz Dance

Aug 8-9 2015

Summer Series

Click image to download PDF Flyer

Viva Italia - Mojalet Dance Collective

Aug 1-2 2015

Summer Series

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Canyon Crest Dance Conservatory

July 25-26 2015

Summer Series

Click image to download PDF Flyer

Axxiom Dance Collective

July 18-19 2015

Summer Series

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Dark Horse

July 12-13 2015

Summer Series

Creative Dance Camp 2015

“Art develops creative intelligence” Carlo Thertus

June 22-26, July 6-10, July 20-24, Aug 10-14 2015

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Avengers and More

May 16, 17 2015

David Maldonaldo @ The Vine Theater

May 3 2015

Progressive Steps @ Mission Hills HS Theater

March 28 2015

Taking Flight @ Dance Place Point Loma

March 29, 30 2015

Polonez Dance Co. @ The Vine Theater

March 21 2015

Viva Italia

Feb 7,8,14,15 2015

Changing Perspectives

Jan 24, 25 2015

Winter Wonderland

Dec 13,14 2014

On the Move with Rhythm Talk

Sept 22 - Oct 12

Creative Dance Camp

“Art develops creative intelligence” Carlo Thertus

June 23-27, July 14-18, July 28-Aug 1, Aug 4-8 2014

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Katie Griffin with Yvonne M. Portra & Guests

July 12, 13 204

Axxiom Dance Collective

July 19, 20 2014

Canyon Crest Academy Dance Conservatory

July 26, 27 2014


Aug 2, 3 2014

St. George Dance Co. & Mojalet Dance Co.

Aug 9, 10 2014

Dark Horse Dance Productions

Aug 16,17 2014

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Collage Dance

Aug 23, 24 2014

Our Imagined Reality

Aug 30, 31 2014


Sept 6, 7 2014

Jerry Hager “Invisible”

Sept 13, 14 2014

Color Splash Safari

May 31, June 1 2014

Europe Tour Send off Performance Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

May 11 2014

A Blast From the Past

April 22, 23 2014

California Center for the Arts Escondido

Maria de Buneos Aires Cal State San Bernardino

April 25, 26 2013

Core Group Spring Rush

April 12, 13 2013

Life is a Bowl of Cherries

Feb 2, 8, 9 2013

San Diego Dances in Balboa Park

Oct 5, 6 2013

Choreographers Symposium White Box Theater - Liberty Station

Oct. 18 2013

Nostalgia A Blast From the Past

Sept 7, 8, 14,15 Oct 18 2014

Blythe Barton Dance

July 13,14 2013

Axxiom Dance Collective

July 21, 22 2013

Canyon Crest Academy Dance Conservatory

July 27, 28 2013


Aug 2, 4 2013

Collage Dance

Aug 10, 11 2013

"The Bright Side" Three Mask Theatre

Aug 17,18 2013

The Vernon Duke Project; A Man and His Two Lives

Aug 24, 25 2013

CA Rhythm Project

Aug 31 Sept 1 2013

Mojalet Dance Collective "A Blast From The Past"

Sept 7 , 8 2013

Ignite Choreography Showcase

May 3,4,5 2013

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The Lady and the Little Tramp

May 11 2013

Dancing Music and Magic

May 18, 19 2013

Hooked on Classics - Mojalet

April 20 , 21 2013

Judevine - Brian Rickel

April 13,14 2013

Cafe Mojalet - Contemporary Nostalgia

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Progressive Steps - Mojalet

Mar 8 2013

Mission Hills High, San Marcos

A Blast From the Past Contemporary Nostalgia

Jan 26, 27 2013

Winter Wonderland - Eclectic Expression Youth Performance

Dec 8, 9 2013

Mojalet "On the Move" Europe Tour 2012 Send off Celebration

Nov 3, 4 2012

"On the Move" TanzinOlten Mojalet & Rhythm Talk

Nov 15 2012

Workshop Olten Olten Switzerland

Nov 17, 18 2012

"On the Move" Aula Zurich Zurich, Switzerland

Nov 19 2012

"On the Move" Konstanz Konstanz, Germany

Nov 20, 21 2012

"On the Move" Ticino Lugano, Switzerland

Nov 24 2012

Workshop Lugano, Switzerland

Nov 23, 25 2012

Quilts of Light Dance Project Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery

Oct 12, 20 2012

The PGK Dance Project

July 7, 8 2012

Core Group & Jamolet

July 14,15 2012

Mojalet Dance Collective

July 21,22 2012