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Company Repertory


Enchanted & Endangered

Full Company or small ensemble

This hour long modern dance ballet is a narrative story about an enchanted forest that is threatened by the presence of innocent campers. The story shows how even innocent-minded people, who do not mean to harm our environment, can have a detrimental toll on the habitat around them. The performance is filled with adorable creatures and characters that audiences fall in love with throughout their journey. 


Current Repertory

'Mercy' is a trilogy that expresses the hardships endured by humanity. 


Full Company Repertory

This 28 minute piece is about human relationships. Sometimes we meet people for just a moment or period of time and never see them again, yet the relationship had impact beyond that moment. The graceful choreography highlights Faith's strength in creating ensemble work. 

Liquid Gold

Full Company

This ensemble piece is about the allure of gold and the amazing beauty of melted gold. The choreography emulates both the structure and malliability of gold. 

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In-School Performances


Enchanted & Endangered

35 minute Narrative Story

The abbreviated version of the full Enchanted & Endangered story will take your students into a story about friendship, protecting the environment, and our role in doing so. While the story focuses on the environmental message, this performances gives a perfect opportunity to talk to your students about the parts of a story. From setting, to characters, to conflict and resolution, this story will have your students thinking and having fun. 

Athletic Motion

30-45 minute interactive show

Athletic Motion highlights the importance of physical activity in our day-to-day lives and shows students that dance is a part of every sport they play. We encourage students to follow along in the interactive portions of the show where we teach phrase-work that they can do from their seat. This show is fast, fun and great for all ages. 

Dancing through the Pages

30-45 minute show

Through dance the students will learn about literature, storytelling, and the importance of reading! From poetry to science, this show has something for each student. The show is both interactive and educational and can be tailored to different age groups. 

Taste of Italy & More!

30-45 minute show

A Taste of Italy explores opera music through playful dances, witty movement and colorful costumes. This program features the music of Mozart and a variety of work performed by famous tenors including Mario Lanza and Luciano Pavarotti; Opera music is know to have originated in Italy. We share fun trivia about how Italy has influenced our culture through music, dance, fine dining, and more. 

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