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Rhythm Talk: Swiss Percussion Band from Olten Switzerland
The contemporary percussion music of Rhythm Talk is so explosive, sensitive and complex that it evokes a wide range of feelings and emotions.
Faith Jensen-Ismay, SD choreographer, and Noby Lehmann, Swiss composer, have found a strong connection, and work close together despite the distance between San Diego and Switzerland. 
Over the past six years they have created many original works together, and have adapted older work to compliment each others work. The collaborative process began at The Tanzinolten Festival, Nov. 2006 with the two groups performing together to pre-created scores by Noby Lehmann and Rhythm Talk. In Fall 2007, Rhythm Talk made their first US appearance in their California Tour with Mojalet where they premiered the first true collaborative pieces, Sculpt and Transparency. The completion of the 2007 CA Tour inspired the newest Rhythm Talk combo pack CD Collection Stick Together that premiered Jan 2009 in Olten, Switzerland; the band returned to CA in 2010 for the Stick Together Tour with Mojalet: the companies joined in Switzerland and Germany in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. In Nov. 2012, Mojalet returns to join Rhythm Talk for the opening of the Tanzinolten Festival with “On The Move” before traveling to Zurich & Lugano, Switzerland and Konstanz Germany.
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Stacy Fraser,  Opera
“Jensen-Ismay, dancing solo, and Fraser played off of each other with delicious physicality and intelligent restraint in a set of songs that ranged from a ferocious Dear John letter (“The Farewell Letter”) to a poignant yearning for an impossible utopia (the tango-flavored “Youkali”) to a condemnation of oil companies’ greed (“Brown Islands”). Fraser, who’s performed with the San Diego Opera, is a singer who can move, and at times she and Jensen-Ismay did unison gestures – extending their arms to heaven in “Nanna’s Lied,” as a girl of the street says she’s learned “to transform desire into small change.” Those moments of unison underlined the dramatic contrast when Fraser sat still and contained the anguish of “Je ne t’aime pas” (“I Don’t Love You”) in her rich voice, while Jensen-Ismay launched into interrupted turns, then flailed on the floor.”  - Janice Steinberg SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE (Seven Songs of the Unknown Kurt Weill 2009)


Artist Vicki Leon and choreographer Faith Jensen-Ismay from Mojalet Dance Collective, are excited to bring to life this concept using contemporary dance along with the interactive sculpture and thereby creating a new and unique art experience through the inter-disciplinary collaboration.
The "Quilts of Light" series consists of experimental glass installations for the wall that are designed to be interactive for the viewer. The "quilts" consist of sculptural glass pieces that reflect bright, pure color and throw reflections onto walls, floors, ceilings, objects and people in the environment. The intention is to engage the participant/viewer in a playful, experience with unusual and beautiful optical phenomena. 
The glass artist and the choreographer are each deeply inspired by the beauty of light in nature. They have found a creative compatibility and are energetic about exploring these ideas to create a unique performance and gallery exhibition. White costumes will allow reflections to "dance" with the dancers and stage lighting will expand the dynamic aspect of the quilts with dramatic shadow imagery.  The dance performance will be a beautiful, inter-disciplinary expression as well as an introduction to the concepts of the artwork.
We are grateful to the San Diego Foundation for funding this project through the Creative Catalyst Program. This grant is specifically designed to support innovation, defined by the San Diego Foundation as "the output of creative activity that offers new approaches in the development or production of art or new ways of engaging audiences with art and the creative process."

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