$10,000 - $16,000
The City of San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture

$7,500 -$10,000

Alfred Sasso Charitable Memorial Trust, Inventus


The Horton Plaza Theater Foundation


 Jill Hall,  Dimensional Effects,  Fang Ling Lin, Lauren Luhmann, The Twisted Barn / Rebecca Running & Summer Walker, Eric & Susan Siragusa, The City of San Diego Community Enhancement Grant District Three, The Puffin Foundation


Thomas Birkett,  James Brammer, Lynn Cassidy, Rick & Andrea Joyce, Deborah & Shane Heyer, Laura Hoffman, Hunter Industries,  Robert Joyce, Deyl & Paige Kearin,  Tim & Sharon Kearin - Soulscape Movement Center, Craig & Tina Mc Donald, Donald & Phyllis McLean,  MJR Properties Inc. / Mike & Tina Rousseau, Mark & Rebecca Running, Rich Porter, Patricia Sandback,  Jacki & Lucas Silacci


Jonar R. Bonifacio, Clyde E.  Christie,  Cindy &  Jay Frerking, Michael Growe,  Hiroko Holmes, Janice Langen,  Jonathan & Korena Mesa,  Julia Mihata,  Roger & Christine McClung, Traci Ostertag, George Page, Viji Raveendran / Qualcomm, Santa Cruz Industries,  Tim & Kim Shell,  Christine Sionne, Janice Teixeira,  Judy Wood, George & Kate Willis, Lynda Writman


Jennifer & Jason Bill, Phylaine Bernel, Dave & Marilyn Chafee, Richard Chagnon, Dana & Araceli Dodds, E.I. Davisson, Harry Deardorff,  Sabine & Richard Estes, Suzanne Fernandez, Rhonda Fisher, Bruce & Shary Folkman, Steve & Suzanne Gail, Sharon Gann, Joe & Erin Gizzo, Brian Gemmell / Bank of America, Michael Growe, Bettina Gottfried, David Hanlon, Rosadne Harmon / Cliff  Harmon, Sandy Harmon, Robby Johnson, Hilliard & Mary Ann Harper, Raenall  Hooten,  Georgia's School of Dance / Bob & Sue Gilson,  Gloria McClinock,  Joan McCurdy, Traci Ostertag, Tanya & John Penn, Walter Poterbin, Maurice Naham, Sophie North, Reliable Lenders, Betzi Roe, Kathy & William Rote,  Joe & Dana Stanford, Christine Timmons, Diane Weigel


 Janet Alvis, Ronald A. Aanerud D.D.S.,  Jeff Bine,  Elizabeth Bradsfield, Sherri Brown, Erica Buechner, Thanda Canizales, Bonnie Daigh, Jordan Daley, Barbara Fisher,  Ryan Harris, Hilliard & Maryann Harper, Deborah Heath,  Clare Johnson, Alyssa Kinnear, Carolyn Kurtz, Mandy Langen-Kramp, Margarita Logan,  JoKay Martinez, Kathryn McLean, Richard Mitchelmore, Dina Newcomb, Jim North, Charlie Panos, Colette Piscano, Terence P. Robinson, Lara Segura, Ingrid Grace Shequin, Shawn & Steve Shields, Robert Schottke, Do Shore, Deborah Smythe, Carol Tahsaku, Gale Vavra, Susan Beth Wyman

In memory of our long term patron supporters: Dr. Marian Hamberg, Mary Leversee, Olivia Ismay, Arvie Degenfelder


We greatly appreciate your generous donations of money, and time to help Mojalet with our performing, producing, and educational programs.  Please except our apologies if your name does not appear on our donor page if you have contributed within the last year, and please let us know so we can correct things. We also want to thank past donors for helping us in previous years: your support has been instrumental in creating opportunities for Mojalet to grow and enrich the lives of others.   Sincerely, Faith


2016-17 Season Contributors

The Vine Arts Village  @ Oaks North Plaza  12540 Oaks North Dr.   San Diego, Ca. 92128     858-243-1402         

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