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Sept 9-10  Sannidhi Performing Arts
Under the artistic direction of Divya Devaguptapu, internationally renowned Bharatanatyam artist, choreographer and educator, Sannidhi Performing Arts presents Paraashakti through the movement language of Bharatanatyam, a traditional dance form from Southern India. In Indian culture, Paraashakti is the cosmic feminine energy that moves this Universe. She is the source of creation, the cosmic mother from whose womb is born and nurtured the dynamic forces of nature. She is nothing but the supreme consciousness, the breath of energy in each one of us. Her power manifests in everything around us – as prakriti or nature; Saraswati  – the source of learning, wisdom and art; as Lakshmi – the source of the material world, prosperity and fortune, as Kaali the source of spiritual fulfillment and salvation. She is the kind, loving, compassionate mother, who is our only refuge, our only way back to the source.* Time change Sat. 7pm, Sun 2pm and 5:00pm

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