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“Mercy Trilogy”

.. like every other Mojalet performance, had a beautiful story line - unique unending patterns of movement, fantastic music selection, sensational  lighting, and  perfect costuming, offered  multi-styles of dancing techniques, and served up originality and precision

San Diego Theater Reviews

Steve Shirley, Feb, 11, 2017


Mojalet: Dancing with purpose

Mojalet Dance Collective's Faith Jensen-Ismay discusses ‘Finding Ground,’ which centers on life experiences and the search for meaning.

San Diego Union Tribune

 Michael James Rocha | 7 p.m. Nov. 3, 2015  Click here for full article.

It’s been 29 years since Faith Jensen-Ismay began dancing professionally, but each day is still a new adventure. Lately, she’s been busy preparing for “Finding Ground,” which kicks off Mojalet Dance Collective’s new season Saturday.

Finding the perfect balance between the artistic and logistic aspects of a performance is a constant battle, but at the end of the day, everything eventually falls into place.


San Diego Theater Reviews

Faith and performers are so uniquely inventive-that each concert takes us into entirely uncharted waters. This company is truly a "Must see repeatedly" experience as we have been following the company for decades - and have never been disappointed.

San Diego Theater Reviews

Steve Shirley Nov. 17 2014

The wealth of movements and counter-movements, the fine-thought-precision jump elements, thecontact and separation was amazing.
Von Madeleine Schupfer
Samstag, 17. November 2012 | Nordwestschweiz    Stadt/Regon Olten
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Celebrate Dance Festival

"The 7 o’clock hour began with the MOJALET Dance Collective in several sections – the first, a duet couple (all in red) in a sort of waltz-tango-combo that allowed them freedom of movement (…shades of Dancing With The Stars)…sexy and visually appealing.  The next pieces dealt with their Corps Group of 6-girls and 2-boys (all in grey) that merged a bit of “yes…Jesus Loves Me” to an energetic Irish-Country Western piece “Storm”, and became a rousing audience pleaser!  MOJALET can be counted-on for ‘creativity’ … they perform interesting flowing choreographic patterns, easy to follow and enjoy". 

SD TheatreScene

August 29, 2009 - Rob Appel


VAVPA Performance Review

I just saw the performance of Mojalet.  THANK YOU for bringing this truly artful presentation to Vista Academy.   I wish every student at VAVPA could have seen this!!!!  Incredible AND interactive.  Thank you for your persistence to make this happen.  It was a fantastic professional performance that very few people, in their lives, will ever have an opportunity to see.
Anne Fernnell - Vista Academy for Visual and Performing Arts
June 12, 2009


Summer Sundays take root at the Vine Theater
Nestled among olive trees and bougainvillea, the Vine theater looks quintessentially Southern Californian. Enter the black box performance space, though, and you may be transported to another world, for instance, the marvelously edgy Berlin cabaret created last Sunday by choreographer Faith Jensen-Ismay, soprano Stacey Fraser and pianist Josh Tubaran. 

San Diego Union Tribune
July 5, 2009 - JAnice Steinberg

Mojalet dance troupe branches out on The Vine
By José A. López
June 17, 2009

Tanzcompagnie aus San Diego begeisterte
Generalversammlung und Aufführung TanzinOlten im TanzTheaterRaumEins
Switzerland Review, May 2009



Leap of Faith: Dancer opens studio theater at the Bernardo Winery

By JOEL D. AMOS - For the North County Times | Wednesday, July 23, 2008 11:21 AM PDT


The Vine is a big leap for Mojalet Dance Collective
San Diego Arts

If you build it, they will dance. That's Faith Jensen-Ismay's hope for The Vine, the new studio-theater she's launching at the Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo. The Vine opens Tuesday with a reception and performances by Jensen-Ismay's Mojalet Dance Collective, the theater's resident company.

By Janice Steinberg
July 6, 2008


"Crosscurrents: Europe Collaboration"  at San Diego State's Studio Theater
Mojalet Dance Collective invites Swiss guest to San Diego

It’s always encouraging to see San Diego artists and companies making global connections and developing international relationships. Cross-border conversations offer new perspectives, expose artists to new ideas and techniques, and push artists outside of their comfort zones. The Mojalet Dance Collective and director Faith Jensen-Ismay have found a second home in Switzerland, where they travel frequently to present dance and have in turn welcomed Swiss artists to San Diego. This weekend, the exchange continued with Swiss artist Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth in the program “Crosscurrents: Europe Collaborations.”

Theater Scene Reviews

April 14, 2008 -  Brian Schaefer


Rhythm Talk Tour Review
San Diego Union Tribune Oct. 2007
"Complexity challenges, moves "

From a world-spanning bank of instruments – including Indian tablas, Brazilian udus, Asian gongs, African talking drums and Western drum sets – Rhythm Talk's Noby Lehmann (the group's director), Phillip Schmid and Ruedi Mauer coax a remarkable range of moods, from primeval rustlings to a get-wild Carnival beat to the pulse of some holy rite.

The choreography proves as complex as the music, and that's a welcome development. Mojalet (the name combines modern, jazz and ballet) is a relatively established company, started in 1991 by Jensen-Ismay and two colleagues who've since moved on.

San Diego Union Tribune

Oct.  2007 -  Janice Steinberg


Mojalet in Tanzinolten Nov. 2006
Olten Switzerland

"A touching evening, spontaneous in effect, entertaining and versatile, accentuated by dance of great quality, embedded in the sound landscapes of RhythmTalk, literally going under one’s skin. "

The Region
Nov. 18, 2006 Madeleine Schüpfer



"I was lucky to catch one of the last Lunchtime at the Lyceum events of the Mainly Mozart Festival. Mojalet Dance Collective  presented a delightful program in honor of Mozart’s 250th birthday, including dances to selections from “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” Cosi fan Tutte, The Magic Flute and “The Requiem.” Artistic director Faith Jensen-Ismay (who also created the costumes) came out onto the stage to explain a bit of the backstory to the formidable audience which had a large contingent of elementary school children. I happened to be sitting next to the woman who got them there: Cheryl Brown, founder of ArtsBusXpress, which provides transportation for schoolchildren to arts activities and events. Since it was founded in 2002, the program has helped more than 29,000 students get on board, from 158 schools across the County. What a fabulous, sorely needed program! The kids du jour were from the Wintergarden School in Lakeside , where Faith has served as artist in residence. The kids were absolutely rapt throughout, which was a credit to Jensen-Ismay’s prior visit and prep at the school. But also to the presentation, which was marvelous. “Mozart Mambo,” danced to the first movement of “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” was sexy, sassy and whimsical. The Requiem piece, by contrast, was achingly slow and silent, wonderfully executed by a corps of ten. The several sections from The Magic Flute  were lively and engaging, capped off by a delightfully joyful reunion of Papageno and Papagena, danced by David Hanlon and Jensen-Ismay. It was a thoroughly satisfying midday treat for all."


June, 2006 -Pat Larner

© Oltner Tagblatt / MLZ; 01.06.2006

Stadt/Region Olten Zeitung

Mit Fantasie und Witz getanzt

Tanz in Olten Eindrückliche Performance des Mojalet Dance Collective aus San Diego

Mojalet in Switzerland,   June 1, 2006 


"Clang Clang Clang" 
"This years trolley  dances (2004) had more walking, less trolley than last year. But also more varied participants: non- dance body dancers, two pregnant women and a performer in a wheelchair. Not every choreographer made the best use of the space selected, but the stand outs were Jean Isaac's whimsical cavorting around the county administration building, using music by the Steel Monarch and Faith Jensen Ismay's "Life- Styles" three couples (with cat -burglars, preggos, able bodied and disabled interacting marvelously) on the terrace of Camden Tuscany Apartments."
October 6, 2004 - Pat Launer


"Mojalet show sometimes in the pink" "Two of Jensen-Ismay's older works, "Image-A-Nation'" and "Love American Style" had an appealingly sensual, feminist flavor. The first, performed with girlish gusto and sexual swagger by the college's University Dance Company, examined perceptions and self- perceptions of female beauty. As the dancers alternately vamped, angrily grabbed at their flesh and performed manic exercise routines, Jensen-Ismay offered a moving, subjective on women's conflicted self-image. "Love American Style'" was a bit of a romp, in a good way. Singer/Actress Cindy Frerking was a lusty, ironic presence in a dance that incorporates spoken-word text, and explores ways in which we try to find love. Jensen-Ismay's "Morning Glory," premiered last fall has evolved into a tighter, more coherent piece exploring themes of regeneration. The dancers dressed in gauzy pajamas, offered a polished, confident interpretation of Jensen-Ismay's absorbing choreography, made up of stately, sculptural poses, lyrical arm movements and nicely textured layerings of pairs and trios."

San Diego Union-Tribune Monday, October 26, 1998 - Jennifer de Poyen



"Jensen-Ismay demonstrated a flair for humor in "Frolicking," a group work set to three familiar songs - Verdi's La donna e mobile," Denza's Funiculi, Funiculi and Romberg Donnelly's "Drink, Drink, Drink." The choreographers visual whit - especially in reference to all those sustained notes  in Verdi's famous aria - and sense of structure were particularly striking."
San Diego Union - Tribune

Tuesday, September 14, 2004  - Jennifer de Poyen

"East Meets West"
"As scheduled, Jensen-Ismay presented three new works - a four part, large ensemble abstract collage called "Gems"; a solo for herself (beautify danced) called "Misplaced"; and a lighthearted, down -home "Swing & Fling," which allowed the dancers' personalities to shine through. Bent elbows slapped thighs and tapping toes are all featured in this ensemble piece, which has a winningly informal feel."
San Diego Union - Tribune

Sunday, September 28, 2003  - Jennifer de Poyen

"Mojalet delivers a thought -provoking Showcase"
"It was a showcase of polished works and works-in-progress"
"The evening concluded on a high note with another Jensen-Ismay premiere, 'Morning Glory.'"
The San Diego Union-Tribune 

October 1997 - Jennifer De Poyen

"Mojalet Wrestles with Greatness" 
 "Three of the five works were created by Jensen-Ismay, a veteran of Isaacs, McCaleb & Dancers and an increasingly sophisticated choreographer." Her big premier "Go For The Fall," a suite of variations on wrestling themes that often conjured up the physical power, the visual beauty and the grunting absurdity of the sport.  Also new was Jensen-Ismay's "Footprints," a sometimes moving and sometimes amorphous series of seeking gestures and tender partnering inspired about trust in God. The choreographer's 1991 "Brainstorm" was strongly danced by herself, Scardino-Sagely and Pauline Duhig." 
San Diego Union - Tribune
Monday, December 16, 1996 - Anne Marie Welsh

"Mojalet Works range from clever to Uplifting"
"As a choreographer, Jensen-Ismay's humor is her greatest strength."
"The Mojalet Dance Collective gives choreographers and dancers a much needed showcase here."
The San Diego Union-Tribune
February, 1996 - Anne Marie Welsh

Wit & Whimsey

"MOJALET co-director Faith Jensen-Ismay displayed a sense of wit and whimsy in "Chatter," a new trio for Holly Clark, Lisa Deines and Sharon Redondo. The dance was chock-full of invention, despite its lightweight theme"
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Monday, September 12, 1994 -  Eileen Sondak

"Jensen-Ismay saved the program with her comedy piece 'Image-A-Nation'." Jensen-Ismay always has shown a gift for comedy. Here she gets the movement jokes, the rhythm and theme aligned."
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Monday, November 22, 1993 -  Anne Marie Welsh

"Jensen-Ismay, Scardino make an artistic and expressive team."
"Jensen-Ismay's 'Sappy Saddness' also showed some choreographic gumption." 
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Saturday, February 16, 1991 -  Anne Marie Welsh

'Dance Exists' Proves Its Name
"Jensen-Ismay (a dancer with Three's Company) reprised "Willie Make It'" a tongue-in-cheek solo she introduced in one of last month's lo-Tec concerts. With nothing but her own vocalized grunts and groans for sonics, Jensen-Ismay fought an imaginary opponent with moves and images borrowed from the martial arts. It was cute and comic, without going overboard. And it was as popular with the North County audience as it was experimental. Another Jensen-Ismay creation "Movement Plus'" was not as novel, but it made good use of stop-action imagery and interesting shadow play as it ebbed and flowed along a thunderous score."
LA Times
Tuesday, Sept. 12, 1989 - Eileen Sondak,

"Jensen-Ismay showed her solo 'Willie Make It,' a smartly constructed comedy dance inspired by the military and martial arts fantasies of boys."
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Tuesday, September 12, 1989 - By Anne Marie Welsh

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